Energy & Society
Energy and Resources 100/200
Public Policy C184/C284
Fall 2013

Tuesdays and Thusdays 2:00-3:30
245 Li Ka Shing

Professor: Daniel Kammen
GSIs: Autumn Petros-Good, Gang He, Jalel Sager, Joe Kantenbacher, Julian Fulton

Charcoal transport Oil derrick Solar PV Array Honda FCVFuelwood collection

Course Syllabus: Updated August 26, 2013.  Information on course policies, the assigned readings (including links to those articles), assignment due dates, and field trips are included in the syllabus.

Lectures:  PDFs of lecture slides and handouts will be posted prior to the lecture.

Lecture 1: Organization, Overview, and Goals (audio)
Lecture 2: Units, Forecasts, and Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations (audio)
Lecture 3: Combustion (audio)
Lecture 4: Energy and Development (audio)
Lecture 5: Biomass, Gender, and Development (audio)
Lecture 6: Thermodynamics (audio)
Lecture 7: Modern Power Plants and Emissions Control (audio)
Lecture 8: Hydrocarbon Man (audio)
Lecture 9: US Electricity Industry (audio)
Lecture 10: Energy Economics (audio)
Lectures 11 and 13: Energy Efficiency (11:audio, 13:audio)
Lecture 12: Life-cycle Assessment (no audio)
Lecture 14: The Grid (no audio)
Lecture 15: Natural Gas (audio)
Lecture 16: Nuclear Fuel Cycle (audio)
Lecture 17: Nuclear Waste (audio)
Lecture 18: Environmental Justice (audio)
Lecture 19: Solar Energy (audio)
Lecture 20: Wind and Water (audio)
Lecture 21: Wind and Water (audio)
Lecture 22: Tranportation (audio)
Lecture 23: CCS and Geothermal (audio)
Lecture 24: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (audio)
Lecture 25: The Climate System (audio)
Lecture 26: Energy and Climate Policy (audio)


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Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 (solutions)
Problem Set 2 (solutions)
Problem Set 3 (solutions)
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Problem Set 5 (solutions)
Problem Set 6 (solutions)
Problem Set 7

Section Handouts

Week 3 (solutions)
Week 4 (solutions)
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Week 6 (solutions)
Week 7 (solutions)
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Week 9 (solutions)
Week 10

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Toolkits/Reader: Study and review materials designed specifically to help you master course content.

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